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Perfume Pen - Peacock Chroma

A unique and colorful way to always make sure you have your favorite perfume on hand when you’re on the go. Simply dip the cotton nib into your favorite bottle of perfume and allow the nib to sit in the perfume for 1-2 minutes, allowing enough time for the pen to absorb and fill. Perfume pens are great for day to day life, day trips, or vacations, whether it be two days or two weeks. No more worrying about airline liquid restrictions or disastrous perfume bottle spills in your luggage.


The design is created with polymer clay, which is both water resistant and heat resistant. All designs are made by hand and created in-house, due to the creative process every piece comes out with slight variations, making every single piece 100% one of a kind.


*Perfume pen does not come with perfume/scent.